A catholic in dialogue

The Ruminant

The picture was inspired by a page from a letter of St. Jerome where he says in effect that one should read the Scriptures in such a way that one wakes up in the morning with the discovery that the sacred page has been one’s pillow through the night. Now, I don’t know what kind of paper were employed for Bibles during the time of St. Jerome, but it could be a bit messy sleeping on the pages of one’s Bible now. However, I think that Jerome may have a point in being an assiduous reader of Scriptures such that one even falls asleep while reading the sacred page. After all, one’s last memoryy for the day is the first memory one wakes up with.

I drew this piece and transformed it into an animated GIF for the Mystical Geek. It was also used subsequently for the Ruminant with A Hood

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