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I Taught Ephraim How To Walk…

After two years not drawing anything, I started to make a few practise sketches. One of these was an image from Hosea 11. I had it originally posted at Res Biblica to illustrate an article I posted. Since then, I haven’t drawn anything based on the Scriiptures.

The passage in Hosea I wanted to illustrate here is the one that says: “And it was I who taught Ephraim to walk … but they did not recognize me as the one who healed them ” (Hosea 11:3-4). Some translations would render this passage in such a way that the images of child and favorite working animal are transposed over the other so as to show how God is both Father and Farmer. The effect would be like two images transposed one over another with a fade in/fade out effect. There are however others that would try to make the imagery consistent: some emphasizing on the Father-and-son (like the NAB), while others on Farmer-work animal. Personally I would prefer emphasizing the imagery of Father-and-son.

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