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The Congregation for the Clergy has released a bible study software for those who would like to read the Scriptures with the mind of the Church.  Apart from making available the Scriptures in different languages both classical (Hebrew, Greek and Latin) and modern (NAB, RSV, CEI, BPD, etc.,), the software also puts forward different Church Documents (from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, to the Magisterium of the Popes down to the Theologians and Fathers of the Church) that synchronizes with the selected readings.  One can in fact study the Scriptures book by book, or according to the day’s liturgy.

The application appears in Simple/Basic mode or in Expert/Advanced mode.  One can do word searches in both modes and, in the Expert mode, some additional features are given, e.g. a notepad.  One can selectively download the languages one would like to use, plus other tools, like a Concordance (possible in French) and Theological Dictionaries.  Click on the image above or here for a bigger view.  The link to the download page is given in the document.

The application is designed for reading the Scriptures with the mind of the Church.  Thus, the modern translations used are the ones approved in the liturgy.  So for English, one has the New American Bible and the RSV; for Italian, the CEI and for those in Latin America, even the Biblia del Pueblo de Dios is given (Filipinos know this as the Christian Community Bible).

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