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Stephen Rehrauer, CSsR,  Theology for Today’s Catholic:  A Handbook (An introduction to Adult Theological Reflection) Liguori Publications, 2005.  152 pp.

Finally, a small book written for lay people that gives the salient points of Catholic theology.  Of course, the author can’t say everything in 152 pages, but the book covers much of the points one would like to see in a modular program for the training of the laity.  If one is a teacher of religious education in the tertiary level, the it can be useful too as a reading guide for college students.  I think I will require it for my students this year.

The book does not cost much, only 80 PHP from St. Paul’s (Festival).  I am reading it right now as a preparation for the theology courses I am going to teach this semester at a nearby College.   The book is short, so probably I can give a brief summary of it tomorrow or the day after.  Watch for it.

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