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My Statement of Belief

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I believe…
that it is good to be alive,
that suffering purifies the one who undergoes it and the one who feels for the one who undergoes it,
that death is a release from this life, not in the sense of an exit, but as a passage to fuller life.
I believe…
that we are all caught between our memories and our expectations
that time is as short or as long as we make it,
that aging is not necessarily the accumulation of years; it may also the blossoming of youth and the full flowering of one’s humanity.
I believe…
that the human mind has powers that are only limited by its own imaginings
that the human mind, inspite of its powers, can still falter
that when the human mind falters it must yield to a higher authority, not in servitude, but in a trusting gesture to its Creator.
I believe…
that there is a God whom the human mind can discover by itself
that this God has fully revealed Himself to the human mind in order to meet its faltering steps.
I believe…
in the capacity of man to define himself in freedom,
that the majesty of man lies precisely in his ability to make choices even against His Creator,
and that therein also lies his tragic Fallenness.
I believe…
in the innate goodness of man,
that there is a spark of God even in the vilest human scum
that it is this spark which makes him lovable inspite of himself.
I believe…
that any man can be an island by choice;
but that he would be more human if he were not.
I believe…
that as there is a spark of God in me,
there is also a kinship between me and a stone, a gumamela and an ant.
I believe…
in Love, because God is love,
and that human love is most like Divine Love when it is self-effacing and self-emptying,
like the selfless love of a parent for a child.
I believe…
that all of humanity deserve all the goodness that each human being can offer,
that compassion should become the most basic attitude to any human being, and not mere benevolence.
I believe…
that each man will be all the happier if he learns to be at home with himself, with others, and with His God.
I believe…
that if any human being should believe in himself, it is because of the Mystery that envelops him from all sides,
that Mystery from which he sprang forth into being,
into which he must eventually return.

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